Sweet, but a bit sassy at times, Chi Chi is the best friend any girl could have. She’s an amazing listener who gives great advice, and she’s always down for a face mask...or two! Chi Chi may look like a fluffy stuffed poodle but in reality she’s a Goddess, cursed into her current, helpless form by I- well, actually that’s not important right now. Check out Chi Chi’s free guide to self care below!

Chi Chi’s Free Guide to Self Care


Anyanwu is very confident and sophisticated - sometimes it’s as if she’s still holding court in her palace in the sun. Her confidence and royal nature can sometimes be read as condescending, but that’s never her intention. Because of her new rabbit-like nature she can be a bit hyper and skittish at times - something she’s still getting used to.


Onwa is alert and attentive, always watching her surroundings for any sign of strange happenings. She can seem a bit paranoid...but her intuition is almost always right. After all, she’s used to seeing the terrible things that have been done in the dark.


Miri is wise, calm, and level-headed. She’s a firm believer in “the circle of life” and the idea that everything has a beginning and end. This belief that everything will be fine in the end, no matter the outcome, makes her seem a bit complacent and apathetic in the face of real danger but she always means well.


Ala is sturdy, steadfast, confident and a woman…. ermmm.. cat...of few words. As a cat she’s quite anti-social, mostly keeping to herself and seeking refuge at the slightest disturbance. Although Ala has a stern and tough exterior, she has a soft spot for children and her mentee Emeka.