how to be a princess

Being a princess is hard work and not everyone can pull it off. But don't fret. Your royal dreams can remain in tact. Just follow these steps and you'll be crowned, gowned, and royal ball-bound in no time!

Step one. Wear flowers in your hair


Everyone knows a proper lady wears flora in her hair. It's a sign of renewed life- something every princess should stand for, no? Plus they're just cute!

Step two. Find a mirror, place on wall

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most beautiful princess of all? You will be once you find yourself a fancy mirror for your abode!

Step three. Be a lady

Adorned By Chi Luck Be a Lady Bag

All princesses have a certain lady-like quality to them. That doesn't mean you have to be female, no. Being lady-like means sitting up straight, standing tall, and drinking tea with your pinkie out.

Step four. Be yourself

You're already a precious gem, and a Queen in your own right. Embrace who you are!